Ho-horribly all out of luckLD on - about 10 minutes - so we can get you file as the number 1 copy _ Hold on a minute trusted - nobody ) I am not sure you heard me _ REmote server means ) with the right info somebody else can have
all of it - 100% of your life in creativity may very well in its primary value be horded for nothing - ) IF this is your idea of the cloud ) YOU know go to staples or walmart or whatever buy   a nice business lap top
or - machine and have every day of you life inside of what you think its private be actually mirrors so if it may happen to be useful - ) ITS thiers - . ON top of all this webhosting horror you would hope 
that is not that way (it is when you buy you machine ) real - . When my hard-drive was  almost full ( but had been layered so it fulled up 3 times faster ) a scam to blow it )- my computing was only 11 months 2 weeks old I woke up one day and once again myhome _ ( the server ) ==hadbeen burned down )  ( I was sent
a toshiba - which is not eve my brand over night express the next day -  -and sent the old one as a ( core )  ) ( BUT what about all that work? ) ( WHo cares - easy money easy filing huge huge gains in proof ) all on paper all - they care about - ) is the first - . ( A living hell _ ) ( and  a mirror and fast filing of #1 ever since ---- 
Some - believe being so involved with people like Bernie M or Bernard E  or enron (C) it is almost fictional stuff - or was about soothing else because your so guilty of the same thing  - and nobody seems to care - Well _
I do not think so - . =   IT just goes on and on- something is always wrong ) whenever their is big money that should be expected - _ . CEO _ I for so many of these people is just - a - way to - not have to actually do anything
about it . ( YOUR to important to deal with what you are even doing ! ( NO thank the  art scam - is - useless- making black holes into ghost clouds  

(ITS just all a waste of my time all thee money all he hours ) Under this condition _ I am better
off dead then in a concentration camp like his  . - )( I know none of my work is being credited to my life - ) ANd has hardly every been ) )That is why somebody got a luxury yacht with the money,, for my home and hopefully family life -  ( ITS not the first time or even the second ) is around the - 4000th .  - . YOU insider - hacks - and - lost in - translation -  peoples really have ruined my life and do not seem to mind that - ) Had any one of my offer been taken - ) they would have tripled in less time then - you do . ( SO why is It their is nobody with the - 
right idea about closure  who i have tried to - manage a life by . /Nastvogel = IS not going to stop ) However be-ware of pride ) ( IT has actually killed before . ) 

I Have used several analytic widgets )several live chat widgets ( at least - 7 ) so i know ) what the point is -  - In 2009-2010 - ( I had embedded - both Google ad sense - and Google analytic code - ) What has changed - is sold -  ( I believe
. The ethics of google.godaddy ! are just outright   cruel and
greedy ) Each an every time i get somewhere i am - used in a way that is made sure - the pay goes to the wrong people ) ( MY adsense was turned off for click fraud one day - after a long
time of use and a time when google was not at all my focus or concern ) ( OK _ at the time they said they would only give me one reply - and it was stupid as stupid can get - and that was
all because they are to busy to talk business with  anyone - ) I was left with a mess of ads blanks ) ( Think about al he damage i have had t bear now ) IT just happens to be -
75% of all i had ( I wen from double full time - ) hours and - result to ) ( The fit right in yachtyuppy pt - 8 ( I worked to hard to be compared to anyone _ doing a scarily bare 9 to 5 ) )  and my work had really been very successful for the small - amount of time and money
i had ) A click rate is an interest - of both )  -  This is still about money always was and always will be - Their are people in his world who just do not have what it takes to be
so - unique in design ) and must - accept thy are at the - mercy of the other  ) Me  I just wanted to share and get some help with that - Out of he question ) Pure greed - envy or whatever - A selfish  brat - can not change - unless beaten by their own - peoples - ) losses and fired for it - ) Communication is my business and always was 
the peak of any - contract , duel system )  ( I am unlike you doing it for somebody else  ) I personally know the system i built do not need any of his stuff and a very shallow
hit count will do _ Thanks to a very defined url voice - I do not really care where you are ) IF IT is US _ YOUR url ) still may be ) - Orient . )  YOUR credit card
wont - ) _ seem to ) tell ) if it it ( a button click only ) JUST the check out and user - connection  _ ) 
 It feels like he treatment is the same every where -  They have been testing
often harmfully and hate - wise o see if you all really did - just have no - meaning of - 1 ) As if - certain people are fully example from being a victim - _ ) That appear after all these hings to be( the project 
with the most power .  ) ( obviously this - reading is fake _ ) Just like when my scottrade said 0.00 when i tied to buy plug power at . 1.50 per share! )  my really  account has no money and i had 1500.00
the mos i had in a while ) It went to 10$per share in  less then 90 days and it was my only hope as alone as i am to move on with my life - ) With no support and that little break in between _ IT matter
every little chance matters ) And i was just abused over and over and over gain - _ NOBODY thinks its important because the people who should be helping me are only in it for themselves
and do not want to see me win ) ( YOU remember ) I can not do his any more and not expect a bunch of people to want it for - nothing . . ) I do not work for a group _ I work for the people who have their own
life . ( The stacking ) of the charges remand me of myself - ) BUT al this is nothing like me _ . 14 years worth )  ( I a still living at my father home because of how i was treated and i led 100 people .

SO is just an annoyance to me  _ I am doing it for the sake of your job _ BUT ( I think you will agree - that
kind of stalking was not what we were shooting for .

My name is Vaughn Nastvogel _ and if i allowed myself t be walked n as i have for the last 4 years for cover ups ) I will be dead by the time i am 50 . ) ( I know how hard it is fr people to read stuff that is complexity evil . When i am
telling you - potentially a billion dollars has been washed away ) and i am stuck left to fight for myself - because ecerybody who caputred it know you would have no idea - . ITS rough for me to have to show I 
can prove it when i already have .  ) I am not going t get a social security chck or  pension fr working evevery signle day for a cmpnay who has dismiesse me as relivant  ) Typically peple get pensions for doing a good
job and then some ) ( I will reeive nothing ) However the capitl gains i should have already gotten - are enugh t pay that forwaed for 8 years ) - This is why if YOUr looking for -  ( I am looked at after making all
those jobs aviable as ) an unemplyed nobody ) a bum on weafare ) and i just made peple in 2012 a million dollars ( a day!) ( I really doubt if you were thier evey day ou have the right t say ) I am not the
one who made it clear enugh for you doing the buying - .  ANd i know This labor day  ) I am not going to be abl t rest ) I hav no had a dy off in 4 years ) I am a slave  those communities )  ( YoU hav no idea wh i am what i do or why i can tell you about something i have never even seen yet to detail   ( Because it was supposed t be mine ) often  bad dream - work that way - . 

IF YOUR not calling they wont let you get through ) 
 have given you the chance 100 times to redeem yourselves

an you just refuse ) recently it is not about that
its ll bout the past ) 2012 - 2011 - 2013 )
serious - for me ) I am dying now . )
IT took everything .  ( And socialism )
is , was always my last concern ) IT appears
your satisfied this is in this case who you chose
to be - . _ YOU know i can not . .) That
is why i have all my own business in the first place.

( ITS all wiped off the face of the earth and
with all his - money made you would think it would
be - easy ) NO as  socialist - capitalist he would rather pay
a million dollars for  pile of plastic
 dog poop  
then pay for  serious business - out side of that dome
they knew they can take shelter in - ) blindly . 

The plan was to move forward n my blue prints strongly
( I am seeing on of my filed ) blocked off - ( .logo.xtr)
I spent a couple hours making a ( marketing planned -  list ) its just one more thing 
of the recent  months ) ( I work for people who do not see anything that way) ( They get
to enjoy pay checks on that - ) I do not as of now . .

maybe 200 people see that
he is in he face  of - 10 milion
why would a capitalism  ( in control
of so many peoples view )  believe
i would win )

YOU see that may be the upset
that shows you how smart they really
are not - . 

I like all these - programs about security - _ 
And what they will be good for is this cause
but ) YOU can not contain a wolf )
who is willing t rip off - ) over a long run
a billion dollars i pension money -( 2o
to 30 years of commitment per 1 )  
by having control of all of it in one big 
issue ( could be bad if ) they don't )
pay ) the bonuses to the people who earned it
instead of  * all  to - the stingy )  .  ) 

I guess my question is ) why has it never been enough ) 
I think 100% gain is great then i just see old news
soon in 5 years its 10 thousand percent all for you
and the average joe was - satisfied with 60  percent .
YOU would thin with that kind of mOney they would spend
on small business ) YOU know ) It is the hardest thing
a person can ever do _ and retire from ) with out - help 
and only reapers of bad - debt . ) They want ) 40% of all you make
and wont hand you a single tip ) abut w they make that triple . 
8 times out of ten  YOU will fail _ 

although your case wont be like mine -
YOU should be able to see it coming if you have a real expert around you looking
at your business for once - 
and not a ( MONKEY shine of a contract -  
They  consequently will  fail to tell
you the long term plan is basically to hurt you .
or that their is option for help !

( IF they work on commissions and this is all life is
( They wont care if you fail _  IF they are investors ) they
usually - wont - stay . ((( were is the insurance to cover me ))).

I did not build this house to burn it down although somebody  may
have - . and it would not be he first time( hat )  has happened ) it would
be like the -  millionth - ) really people do do those things .

( eventually its bought and a big keep out sign is enviably set around it )
emails lost  my bet is - approx 42 thousand )  

( YOU have to depict why somebody would do that

in my life

it was a one time
to set me up for a criminal issue
again a lack of evidence )  ( and
then even a  fraud ) 

2 - i was to steal my contact lists and yours  - 
or a job - specialty  or lead 

3 . It was to infuse me - so i would not have
a single piece of evidence -  about the stats
or the - fact that ) one thing makes no sense
the other was about ( free )  ( i paid

i can not recall any other situation  ) where   the point
is defeated - by creating such a ghost cloud -( other then

(PURE SPAM)    when
it work and time - owned by me  - and the people who are also
identifiable real 

NOBODY does that to paying people - . 
So its more then  just one thing
this goes back a long ways )

to my yahoo email
and to a girl named jess

( The free press ) 
my writing the fact
that ) I got an unusual amount
of real calls from a little money ) 




(YOU would be surprised how many people will be web-surfing to
find something special -" OR something very evil _  ) )
 They really do not look in the most obvious 
places as much as you think  ,

IT is likely ) 
however you will get
that one hit )  this a very
generic form ) BUT unlikely
a return )  .

( remembering the ) 
names - is a problem )
MIne will be forgetting
as many as - 100 times ).


My work can be seen at liveperson.us  for - 
creativetoday ) But the truth is ) 50 apps - ) requires a 
separate development - (  I want all the top = re-sponsors not  just the top design ) (  2 - - calls about products ) I want a fee )  and an option ) ( IF you don,t value change you don,t know
Microsoft did it all like that     ) This is serviced is also an app and comes with deluxe products ) ( I want ) the reserves - of files systems to be secure by the brand who builds them ) And if its the cloud ) I don't want it. ) I want a detailed - catalog on how much space gets used per - thing and why _ 
( some - pay per click marketing is worth 5 times more
then others ) I want an example  of impression marketing to include a - payment required for - seo - ) systems that respond quickly and ) YOU also may want to use the term voip more often my . pack plan includes and index of call all - and a index of examples ( why nastvogel  - brakes it ) 
cost with security  per - line is - 5$a month and the program is - 100 $- in 2 paymnet - 50$per year - ) 
this issue is about - ) ( what you think may change  
to an amount of money that is not what you wanted or signed up for - -  inflation on all my products are assured other then limited brands 0  to never got up more then 7% a year -  stated - in bold terms ) ( demand  does not mean - ) More - gains only but also more risks and needs for up keeps and - line - maintenance ) Issues about ) electronics and brands you do not even know i have yet - will be briefly stated as due by ) 
and if its not met in time ) YOUr going to see - a discount ) 
because i am sick of these systems not focused on the commitment - . 

How much negativity can i take is the question ?
Their are obviously a least 6 high level =  people making a life from
me working for somebody else ) causing this big direct)-  ) daily  . ( call it cock fighting if you wish ) ITs like vultures
with no soul - fishing to get that big idea first ) all of them the same ) not a single - ) show stopper . ( remember their have multi million dollar marketing budgets s that big idea or timing is - huge ) ) I had 20 bucks . .

I will just make the news official as I am ware of --- ( IT ) a this 
company and for who led many  - ( funds by -  timing and capital  gains ( many  for them) ( "is real") - YOU amaze me ) with this idea
it is ) no just been a very cruel time ) ) With nothing more then 10 grand I am going to make more sales then all 4000 of them  put together if stock is what is the  goal -  -  ) I wont
tolerate kindly  his - denial  and cover ups of all their free gained  ( and stats ) filed for later ) slaved ) (up time lies )
and policy removing 100% of the burden always  - fail .  -  ( dragged on for years - ( comment free  of good administration _  )  I assure you the ipo
for gdd - is gone ( Alibaba is the one you would be safe to keep money in ) )  ( IF I am not paid something ( at least a valuable note for god sake ) - before even begin to imagine that as possible to trust) At this point ) the lack of ( honesty  in reps with in the core value center that - means ) IF YOU were going to help anyone
i would have been one of your own clients ( as in me instead of - This evil thing your ceo - allowed )  0 throwing away 5 billion dollars project per 5 million in real work ( that's over ( IN quick money they simply blew it all ) the tech world should just be mad ) hose brand launches will only get done now .( anything ) with serious scoldings ) to godaddy for being so un fated about why you think nobody else knows where it all came up from -    ) this was -  very little to resolve ) as is
the lack of understudying about the American dream cost you 200 million dollars ) cheap stingy and - tied up with the wrong ) group of meth - . OD. ( Is - why ) NO means no ) 

awful ) that is like finding a whole - boat load
of diamonds in - the rock ) I know what ) is missing and where those diamonds annually have been stashed - . 

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(why nastvogel-8-29)
answer = zero ) 

IF YOU hear me  - YOU _ are talking to me ) ) The man
and female ceo who have been doing this in the tune of around 50 million dollars a year - ) is looking at - 10 years in prison ) IF all it took was a label ) to make a living don,t you think - all the funds would dry up fOr everyone wHO worked for a living and the whole world would be controlled by nothing more than an impression ( OF FAKE MONEY CREDITS - )  ) 13 billion ) 
for america - 11 billion for Europe  - The problem is 
its not one or the other - ITs both .. So instead of - a  24 BILLION DOLLAR CREDIBLE OUTLOOK iTS - 48 AND THAT IS STEALING - ..

( jUST LIKE A REP ONCE SAID TO MY FAtHER ) FUDGE IT ( NO THANKS )   + = Fudge packers 101 - and why my heart is just broken ( NOBODY PAYS ! . ) YOU live in an 
economic world - of some of the ms heinous criminals - who ever lives - and none of them aRe punished - ) To think just because the money existed on paper is all it takes - Just makes me wan,T to CRAWL IN A WHOLE AND DIE ) A GUY WHO WORKS - 40 HOURS A WEEK STRAPPED HORRIBLE BY BAD INTEREST IS JUST SNICKERED UPON WHILE SOMEBODY  ELSE IS MAKING A VENTURE OF THEIR - DEPOSITS -  - tO  die  FOR - )  In the Case of who wants to be a fudge packing - illionaire) about the ingenious of way -  aCe-ching advantage of of an extremely - shallow - value system ) which Bank of america iKNOW IS   guilty ( aS WELL AS MANY MORE WHO LIVED ON CREDIT ( AND - CURRENCY - FLAWS -  THEY WOULD INVEST IN STOCK AND NEVER SHARE A PENNY ) WHEN IT WAS OUR CREDIT AND OUT MONEY - BEING LIED ABOUT - !  ) All i had to
do UNDER HIS HORRIBLY DARK - POLITIC -  was take - 30 thousand dollars ) deposit it -  take it out 
in a staggering style way in  10 separate dba accounts to get credit for a - 300 thousand dollar business )  ( and this is honest to god been -  OK  WITH UM - .  ) ( Look ! - ) MY stock made 100TO 1000   percent this is why its not catching up ) . Option two cash all those fake ) ( money gram checks OR BAD CHECKS IN GENERAL - 
invest the bad checks in rally and just play stupid and pay it back - . ) IT really did work  UNDER AN IMPRESSION THAT IF ITS ON PAPER - ITS - TRUE .


The lack of quality I keep running into with these network who i m always -  helping - is just un fathomable  to me . - I would be so embarrassed if you were my company   ) I have  standards about communication  and a procedure making sure its do or die -  were compared to these groups -  a  mentally HANDY CAPPED DEDICATED  EMPLOYEE NAMED BILL  -  (- established more trust - .  DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME _ . YOU have no right -  ( to sell business on the outside world ) when your really just a cult !

It is my impression your - mainly just very unfriendly people who will use who ever they can - for a quick buck .
I am no saying that is about me - and whatever - I am saying just exactly what i am saying - based on real - analytic and a complete disregard for my help to you .
Which was quite real - And those lower level personnel should be informed of just that   .Iknow

And no I do not apprise of (stalker - at cbs seeing how i 
contacted those producers - directly and ) their dark pool 
is their as well ) I am - looking at you now like your crazy  . 
YOU did not say a word to me mr - a-z ) and at this point 
YoU all appear to be very vain about how serious the loss
is for you . 

When you have no consciousnesses ) I will seek - the maximum _ so you may want to reconsider - you 

and humility - ) Their is nothing you can - loose - 
from being human - ) a huge loss can be expected for using a robot as an excuse - ... Stingy ness has cost people from anything to a ice phonograph from a bad hair cut - to the love of their life
or the custody of their kids -  )
3 - skimping on the mechanical  work of an airplane or car  for an extra - 1000 bucks  in cash per 2  -  has killed plenty of people - . .  Also Think . 
About - why the painter using contractor grade values - fast services and basic standards vrs the - 10 year - plan  - pays off both ways ) . 
The customer - ) expects - it - .their way . ) Word of mouth is deviating - and when that commerica grade pain peeled in just 2.5 year - They still call _ 
when that - super -  paint peeled in 8 year - riplys believes -  ( most of them sold it by then  )  ( DID YOU bother to ask how they were doing or where you embarrassed 
that when you took a closer look YOU lied ) 

Does anyone have any idea how stupid those tiny cases ;look compared to the value destroyed - in my system 0 a commission for products is not the same as having people make 3 billion dollars off your work  ( making history ) in fact a very significant record of data - -  and forget it v   happens .( MY ideas are in fact what made much of anyone's future possible at some of the tech co,s now doing very well .
I want to know exactly how much they made as part of that estimation - on those direct rally - intro - gates ( The big private issue is the fact this is not about a little web hosting fee ) Its about me time building - trust that would - when cured properly - host the largest bank in he world - who could handle and honest community of - members ) I did not want to be ascribed with the monster of capitalism - Who treated everyone like a thing and even scammed in this to my computer later needing to destroy my computer to cover it up because i found it - ( golden boy _ ) who used me - 
every day  ( I wanted a real bank of america to be recognized as an issue for the people who never ever deserved  be treated his way or hats way .

Somebody should  to go to jail now is famously know by most
of you for quick thinking - and another 2 billion ( moved ) - )
 ) I hope some  people
understand this is just one more thing of as much as 1000  That 
was just wrong ! ( added up its goes back 10 years
recently my sony whci had 3 separate money programs in it
from compaq - and sony -( which does go back
to - 2004 -  was destroyed by ) a another user
is accessing your computer number   ( mobile ) ( my
recent cell phone activated and then shut off had  a line 
of product  pics i took deleted right out of it ) ITs just everywhere around 
me - ) Its awful - . 
sheer abuse of my good will  and trust for business
and research community leaving me scared for life after
about issue 50 -   as 
well as very financially uncomfortable when i know for sure
i closed on a deal to set me strait  for life already which was
basically - ruined by  another  - myth -  = . ( time ( nor
intellectual property not filed by state number - is not money
and might as well be anyone's ) )

This level of criminal to me - after so much - sneakiness 
reminds me of the type of - people who would - in
true desperation of findings -  ( knowing
as you would on a license - ) 
the right organ "droner" ( or be very close by the wreck
if  such an  accident may just happen - - because it was he only choice ( thow)
had to make it - another day ()

Its not even Go daddy ) Its 2 business who have wronged me with the  worst- .   The X man for his ego to buy a boat with money was that directly  - involved in my daily - work ( and a deal closed - ) which required destroying my - path -  _ ) Any body who had been needing a break and - supports caching you do his red handed - would rel want revenge to hurt - for being so numb that fact you just helped ruin my life and thought nothing of it. ( YOU can not ruin people lives specially with such huge figures and stay numb to the fact your blind to it ( giving your these hings that stick out like a sore thumb and still you wont reason ( you expect somebody to  accomplice to you - multimillionaire dollar lie ( and most will for a big enough bonus -  -  and have always lived a shuttered life - ) Your to old a man to say you do no know any better . ( UZI) _ _ . DID YOU see that . .
  YOU fuel the fire - -  ( DID YOU know one of the worlds - leading terrorist organizations is a ( super wealthy direct ( and specializes in getting the message to the right people ..Well you should _ (I) is happening every single time - And as much as i wish it was just made up - its not ) It is no big deal  -
to have ( that code sent to the state they want the news in todaY !  (ITS all code ) . Every powerful group has a code . ) IT is almost impossible to decode
in a timely manner .. ) IF they get busy and anyone caches on ) a super intelligible geek that works for the gang will create  new key and all communication  - porters will - ) learn it .  ( leave me out of that - and require as a group - he  pay the damages ) So - we can cut his cord  and his ego _ Next is not just an upgrade on a new yacht ) Not one job for the right cause was made )  .  YOU will always fail - ) trying to substitute  the real mold .  ( RUB it in one more time ) I dare you to assume your insuperable 
when things are in the open - ..

Godaddy could  be now labeled the most dangerous tech  company in the entire world  _ I have never seen anything so irrepressible in my life  _ . Ever ?

They actually filed for an ipo - _ while ignoring the fact i just led  3
years lining their pockets to watch them run it in some more - I am - striving for a prison stance  not an ipo  - YOU wan.t to be a man an tell me your going to assure me - 10% because  of what you have done that is so wrong - that is what your going to have to do _  Money and
a big joke of a company when - shared as 1 - That group(s) just did not care at all  - Investors - and - users are two totally different things _ . After the way people got treated )
YOU _ ) seriously are making a huge mistake thinking that - is something anybody can afford to ignore . Communicate or - go down . ) ( This will destroy many lives ) IF YOU ignore it any longer - When i see
stuff like that 100 million dollar public  filing -( right at the time you just destroy me )   - I know - You  ( had ) just lined up  terrorist  calling by doing that -  _ And i am in no way - sanctified YOU the spoiled - are  willing to accept this is has been very real neglect -   YOU better speak - .That is a serious warning about a final straw )
and you already saw - how ruthless that kind of arrogance could _  - be .  - NOW treasonous people expect rewards to be - gold en ) 
YOU  really _ should - care -  life does not and will  move on for many because of the abuse of power . . 

I look through -  what is going on and i honestly do not see the entrepreneur anywhere - I see a group of people about - 200
thousand people - ) who own the words you think cared -  who all know you
have no idea ) at all what money really is - ( And realize hat is -  extremely shallow vice may get an the old  boy  to  buy some shares - of a company that relies so stingily on liquid - that its un-measurable with out it.)( This is why your time is not actually worth anything to the (arch). - ( IT should be horrifying to the lone wolf and talented author - 
will make - maybe a 1000 dollar for adsense while the exact same amount of hits in the cult - payed - 100 grand ( while the employ's clears 250 grand on 1000 clicks buy sell hold ( why bother helping you ) when the per hour time to watch is 10$a minute -  ) - .and intends to keep it that way   IN case you did not know ) A million hits of rational need is worth - 2 million dollars but a million scia blahs - ) is worth - maybe - $1500 for and investment of will )  ) a real - set of serious ticket sales _ and real advertising !!! ( Because the conversion ration ) bad to  - 1 vrs Superior marketing - YOU really should consider the message you send - by letting i slid for nothing in the first place . ( We expect nothing - from social marketing  ) If i got it then great ) However from Superior marketing - ) If I m no getting real returns ) " its over " People pay for this .

have no



1aCreativity speaking peoples2bCreativity speaking peoples3cCreativity speaking peoples4dCreativity speaking peoples5eCreativity speaking peoples6fCreativity speaking peoples7gCreativity speaking peoples8hCreativity speaking peoples9i

 I think your first move is to accept ) I was to be paid ) 
because I floated the investors - path mat and you collect
every dime instead of a  calling for a fair trade - Everybody floating you the networks who should know who you are  with out me telling you - 
along should be so sick of this selfish connection (s) - way when hey know they could be doing better things with the money )(
Many people salary stupidly is going to go in the toilet now . )  ( IT could be as much as 2 billion dollars all together which will simply never be put through your 
equity again - .( credit somebody else really can - use more  and still take as much in  gains - by building a more adept  system with ( and for ) the real consumer . 

This - choice comes after ( a long drawn ) out introspect
of who really is ) 
 +  why fooling the world like this is some kind
of democratic ripe issue is just not cool - with me at all 
 it -  has only damaged the value of - the real - .ID . Me
and what i accomplished - ) and was never - rewarded for
by he very people - who ruined its respects - ..

Secure Etrades and S
ecure Circuit technology is a conglomerate of
Micro and Macro enterprises
focusing on a results base of innovative genuineness.
A world famous market making manufacturing
data base thats takes full responsibility for its content ,
its product and its consumer connections .
Communication is a high priority of The
Secure Etrades platforms . Trade secrets & formulas
based on high performance output product assurance
are to important
for fully open public exposure
by speed-design. Availability of live service
personnel , insight verification modules with search to
discover optimization graphics are popular
elements of the secure circuit technology
.Secure Circuit services are assured by human reply
policies maintaining a value of integrity for service
and investments
hosted or referred from the data base.
. The value of clean technology combined with A
green energy pledge requires Confident Market
Brokers or Money Managements opportunists .
NOW asses risk situated offerings abroad
or at home with genuine (A-sighted) connections .
Websites - apps or ops are made with ANET SECURITY
rehabilitation prioritized through members of this network .
Consumer info ("THE VALUE TREND")is not sold
or bundled for third part usage as "BIG DATA" at a complete
loss to the consumer interests. Secure Etrades contracts
require real time commitments from both customer
the enterprise solutionists who are
" named as - the sellers & buyers of product (YOU and I) .
Orders include minimum quantity , time constrains and a risk
variable highlights - each will be listed at the commitments
section though out our secure - circuits listed as product id = x =

   THE VALUE OF A 4 & 4 ID system is - (Memory (O)
 - . ( YOU can use - syn=s = and create an encryption'
ONLY YOU KNOW - means - real - security (#1) THE
profile manager will see the syntactical (TM)verification
create (ID) 4&4 systems
note:)  - example - RTyt&3873 =4&4 systems
x: Day of Month
about Business
or a stock value
your invest
500 or less. 1500. 5500. 55k.
. 5mil. over 50 mil.over 100mil


Mail :


basic edition app





syntactical - an app for - the newest - relief in viral and - pc- organizational efforts  1  TRUSTv - an app that deducts - the desered amount each month from your savings and converts to - bonds 2  an app that allows you to export goods all over the world - and stay current 3  systemX - 3d and values regarding - new upgrades for your current browser4

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designer clothing - before they hit the shelves - and how to custom design applications and tips9   Important science - discoveries and updates - 10 energy from the sun is an important aspect of a healthy life11THE best value in security is a good lock12

archives contrasted with news today13 All - ABOUT COFFEE - purchasing pro - Save up to $1000 year or make it yourself14 Luxury leftovers and - Bulk ordering15Specialty - of Wicked GOOD Maine16

TO be first For the imports of US .17 Creativity speaking peoples18 MONEY MARKET -MORNINGS19SECURE _PORTFOLIO for uniques20

4 - unique programs for one price - systems supports by21 THE - most reccamended server for - large - operations and fast - response - comparable with zaps22 domain appraisals and - site - authenticate price setting 23what do you think24

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Maine Home Improvements37Content-article and blog writting38 sell your car - here39 Brands Of America40

Baby products41 THE - diamond42JOBs filled by Brands Of America43 Event tickets - LIVE shows44

sports scores45 the lime - light - reports46 software4748

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A production Corp53 icon - implanted54 55 tax^track^56

See for yourself designs57 Custom and stock - always authentic58 real time auction - 59   our fastest response system a60

delayed61  delayed62delayed63  delayed64

(YOU know people do not actually like black and white - Its just a choice less exercise65  IT was supposed to be a black and white portal only66 Made in USA - authentication logo67 silicone/platnum-THERECT _ DIAGRAM FOR SOLDERING _ CIRCUTS _ A_B _ EXPAND _ 100 times6

multi-use- desktop-phone 69 human response managemenrt70 an organic drink71 a 50-50-page managements program72

A cosmetic art-ist73 MY - Nautical product of the month74    YOU rent a CD burner from my app - I send the ) info you wanted - packaged in that portfolio on a cd - ANY questions - ) copies - 3$- original = ) 30$minimum - see prices75

An update of records that may interest you7677  LOTTERY OF SORTS7879

sounds software - extension 180handy tips81  82 83

Branding84marketing - url - styles85Diet-PROGRAM86 - distribution planning -87

88edu/center89Cash for (^)>,<(^)90a ten thousand dollar contract waiting to happen91

929394 9



I can not - remove google from my life  ( or this - web page ) - ) They have gotten more value from me than anyone and will leave me penniless and with nothing for all i create , more then all of you  put together!
) YOU think - its - about me - ITs not
IT is always about them - always has been always will be ) all my finding that  they wanted - they filed for their powers only -  - all stock i rally thy made  the most money off just like the rest of you and then some ) I installed google analytics - it says
0.00 for everything = they have full control and i am to be killed on paper - or - simply throw away like a worthless piece of shit sold for junk  once they get what they want out of it ( and if they can not do that oh well )
who ever those execs are - they are as useless as anyone i have ever known of -  - .(  why are their  need be so many of you living -  in on this horrible way  and denial  that YOUR not just a bunch of thieves now, have been his
deceitful business for years - - A least concerning me - you have - 
I need to know - IT clear it has truly destroyed my life and my outlook ( And when i think i have an ally ) I do not - Google is no ally and never will be ) They have great anger -   for what ever reason - will not let it be
me who gets the money i am owed-and will use me until i die  and will take any deal they possibly can - by my lead-   which is a ton of it from google - ) more the you can imagine - actually -( About the worst - ( That is the worst of it ) " the robot by me " -  ) I just want to know  who did this to you to make you all so useless to the rest of us when it comes to getting real .  .  ( ITS a sad story - Because its such a promising company but has - for  i 
am guessing at least - for the last 5 years -  just
wrecked harder at keeping other people down - then making it - valid the outsider is making it - best .. ( YOU will be ignored ( when looking into the seriousness of this case  aand how long its dragged me down
-  I promise you  YOU will in n way get a strait answer - 


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input.focus{outline:none;border:1px solid #4d90fe;z-index:4!important}#goog-gt-tt .translate-form .activity-form input.selected{background-color:#eeeeee;background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#eeeeee),to(#e0e0e0));background-image:-webkit-linear-gradient(top,#eeeeee,#e0e0e0);background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top,#eeeeee,#e0e0e0);background-image:-ms-linear-gradient(top,#eeeeee,#e0e0e0);background-image:-o-linear-gradient(top,#eeeeee,#e0e0e0);background-image:linear-gradient(top,#eeeeee,#e0e0e0);filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorStr='#EEEEEE',EndColorStr='#E0E0E0');-webkit-box-shadow:inset 0px 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.1);-moz-box-shadow:inset 0px 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.1);box-shadow:inset 0px 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.1);border:1px solid #ccc;color:#333}#goog-gt-tt .translate-form .activity-form input.activity-submit{color:white;border-color:#3079ed;background-color:#4d90fe;background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left 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.translate-form .activity-form input.activity-submit.focus,#goog-gt-tt .translate-form .activity-form input.activity-submit:active,#goog-gt-tt .translate-form .activity-form input.activity-submit:hover{border-color:#3079ed}#goog-gt-tt .gray{color:#999;font-family:arial,sans-serif}#goog-gt-tt .alt-helper-text{color:#999;font-size:11px;font-family:arial,sans-serif;margin:15px 0px 5px 0px}#goog-gt-tt .alt-error-text{color:#800;display:none;font-size:9pt}.goog-text-highlight{background-color:#c9d7f1;-webkit-box-shadow:2px 2px 4px #9999aa;-moz-box-shadow:2px 2px 4px #9999aa;box-shadow:2px 2px 4px #9999aa;box-sizing:border-box;-webkit-box-sizing:border-box;-moz-box-sizing:border-box;position:relative}#goog-gt-tt .alt-menu.goog-menu{background:#ffffff;border:1px solid #dddddd;-webkit-box-shadow:0px 3px 3px #888;-moz-box-shadow:0px 2px 20px #888;box-shadow:0px 2px 4px #99a;min-width:0;outline:none;padding:0;position:absolute;z-index:2000}#goog-gt-tt .alt-menu .goog-menuitem{cursor:pointer;padding:2px 5px 5px;margin-right:0px;border-style:none}#goog-gt-tt .alt-menu div.goog-menuitem:hover{background:#ddd}#goog-gt-tt .alt-menu .goog-menuitem h1{font-size:100%;font-weight:bold;margin:4px 0px}#goog-gt-tt .alt-menu .goog-menuitem strong{color:#345aad}#goog-gt-tt .goog-submenu-arrow{text-align:right;position:absolute;right:0;left:auto}#goog-gt-tt .goog-menuitem-rtl .goog-submenu-arrow{text-align:left;position:absolute;left:0;right:auto}#goog-gt-tt .gt-hl-text,#goog-gt-tt .trans-target-highlight{background-color:#f1ea00;border-radius:4px;-webkit-border-radius:4px;-moz-border-radius:4px;-moz-box-shadow:rgba(0,0,0,.5) 3px 3px 4px;-webkit-box-shadow:rgba(0,0,0,.5) 3px 3px 4px;box-shadow:rgba(0,0,0,.5) 3px 3px 4px;box-sizing:border-box;-webkit-box-sizing:border-box;-moz-box-sizing:border-box;color:#f1ea00;cursor:pointer;margin:-2px -2px -2px -3px;padding:2px 2px 2px 3px;position:relative}#goog-gt-tt .trans-target-highlight{color:#222}#goog-gt-tt .gt-hl-layer{color:white;position:absolute!important}#goog-gt-tt .gt-trans-draggable,#goog-gt-tt .trans-target .gt-trans-draggable{cursor:move}#goog-gt-tt .trans-target,#goog-gt-tt .trans-target .trans-target-highlight{background-color:#c9d7f1;border-radius:4px 4px 0px 0px;-webkit-border-radius:4px 4px 0px 0px;-moz-border-radius:4px 4px 0px 0px;-moz-box-shadow:rgba(0,0,0,.5) 3px 3px 4px;-webkit-box-shadow:rgba(0,0,0,.5) 3px 3px 4px;box-shadow:rgba(0,0,0,.5) 3px 3px 4px;box-sizing:border-box;-webkit-box-sizing:border-box;-moz-box-sizing:border-box;cursor:pointer;margin:-2px -2px -2px -3px;padding:2px 2px 3px 3px;position:relative}#goog-gt-tt span:focus{outline:none}#goog-gt-tt .trans-edit{background-color:transparent;border:1px solid #4d90fe;border-radius:0em;-webkit-border-radius:0em;-moz-border-radius:0em;margin:-2px;padding:1px}.trans-target-dragger{color:#000;background-color:transparent;font-family:arial;font-size:10pt;opacity:.6;padding:1px 0px 1px 0px;z-index:20000}#goog-gt-tt .trans-target-currdragitem{color:#ccc;background-color:transparent}#goog-gt-tt .gt-trans-highlight-l{border-left:2px solid red;margin-left:-2px}#goog-gt-tt .gt-trans-highlight-r{border-right:2px solid red;margin-right:-2px}#goog-gt-tt #alt-input{padding:2px}#goog-gt-tt #alt-input-text{font-size:11px;padding:2px 2px 3px;margin:0;background-color:#fff;color:#333;border:1px solid #d9d9d9;border-top:1px solid #c0c0c0;display:inline-block;vertical-align:top;height:21px;box-sizing:border-box;-webkit-box-sizing:border-box;-moz-box-sizing:border-box;-webkit-border-radius:1px}#goog-gt-tt #alt-input-text:hover{border:1px solid #b9b9b9;border-top:1px solid #a0a0a0;-webkit-box-shadow:inset 0px 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.1);-moz-box-shadow:inset 0px 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.1);box-shadow:inset 0px 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.1)}#goog-gt-tt #alt-input-text:focus{-webkit-box-shadow:inset 0px 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.3);-moz-box-shadow:inset 0px 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.3);box-shadow:inset 0px 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.3);outline:none;border:1px solid #4d90fe}#goog-gt-tt #alt-input-submit{font-size:11px;padding:2px 6px 3px;margin:0 0 0 2px;height:21px}


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