• TO be Ingenious ) ( the new - (.)
  • 1000 indexes just like this - Your page rank or out
  • value is based on how many ) spots you buy s(.)
  • YOU are  mylead.( supertrap.(go) - you pay - the same price
  • as a normal domain registration per year - and 2 to
  • 12 per every url index the exact same (.) is indexed in
  • for 1  thousand ) you pay - 999.00 a year . ( who are you? YOU are  more focused on market the rest of the market in the same - list  - " this is a box in a box even after a box has been 
  • opened or an impression - custom ( tag line per your)
  • view point has been viewed
  • This is a ( limited brand )  I do not perceive striving for a billion before you  ) make other people successful is appropriate .
  • on top of - removing all the evidence - What more proof do you need - that , That is going to cost - YOU
  • dearly - as - an honered system .
Some of the people out their -  Still do not get it - (IF your that network - YOU are loosing - because you betray - So far we have not seen a single reason to justify - what has happened to all my work . (SO what - 
do you have to say - about all those - damaged sites - while
you muster up very fake and less valuable deals - as your
the only people on top of that who gained from the rally,s
and you would never stop.

SO Go  daddy will not comment
and neither will other networks
who  should - YOU - are making 
a bad mistake -  )  - and - I am 
200% sure because of this incompetence

for every dollar invested in me
its an investment - of - 5 times more
than anything you can offer - . This happened
because transparencies made you look like
( un - valuable - systems  ) All those people and not one
count them all not one good rep _ WOW!!!!( I have never seen anything like it - ) I am telling you _ Who ever thinks his is a female thing need - rethink - ) (YOU showed nothing but hate and deceit _ every time it was clear
that mattered - NONE .
 - with - no -
integrity for change -   YOU had a chance to
help - YOU failed = _ YOU still refuse to go
back and accept that has taken place and you
did not earn - because of it - YOU lost . 

YOU do not have it made - I do
I have a list of people who are users
still living in denial their is - a gain for
you and not for me for years - when suddenly
that cost you many millions - in credit  over
thousands . - _ 

I suggest - giving me a hand
YOUR not good people to admire
and you know it  until you do - )

ANd you better get real about my
living needs ) . What you need to do is help me now - 
since you profited - ( TO get that respect - ) YOU have no choice - - That is the way of the honorable - ) YOU
do not - want people using you and just - dumping you - , YOU did it to me - Karma does it to you - Their is -  a better way - ) and a reason  why all those domains i have
can be - fixed to work specifically for YOU  _ IF YOUR going to pay for it YOUr going to get it . 

207-563-5735 - 
Vaughn Nastvogel

I have expected a call o email
from multiple business from a while
every time you don't even reply
I am seeing the true you - _ 
and it is not looking good at all
NOBODY said you had to help
BUT being thieve - while i wait
NO _ I am sorry - That is going
to hurt your Value  .  YOUR making
a huge mistake if you think - I am the only one channeling - . 
YOU watched me day after day
show you what stock to buy.
day after day after day - WHO
do you think you are to buy - 
or to just waste it , and not
be seen as - a - burden to the cause ..
( which all along was braining value home ) ( I have all the records - ) 
over - 100 rally's of 10% or more.

I KNOW _ when - .
I also know - why  . 
The cover up will crush you . 
( THIS is world wide )  - 
I will not waste me time - building
back my network - ) until i am paid  for
what time ) YOU killed )
IT was worth - the time - you blew off . 
for click click stock gains  We do not
want to see that around here - with out cause .
YOU know who you are and you know why
your worth it - or just are not valuable to your
company as a full time ( taker ) ( saving your job
doing something in desperation (I do not recommend it 
There are - bus boys who have more money than i write now - ) and - multiple ceo counted on it  ) YOU should not be amused - ) I know who you are  and so do - the others . 0 NO black mail - strait facts . that is all .

(YOU see to not give me a royalty on my innovation
is dvistaing to the hops of those who - share common
interest - YOUr dishonsty  - IS nt good enough - When i create product through the system i use ) tha ti si hosted by another - Those products do not blong to that host
unless thy pay you for the innovation - ) I should not have to sit here and tell YOU a gnious of th stock market
ususally does not do much else - .   ( I am diffrnt i know
thos gains are simply not as self satifying - There is no lgacy to it no life time residual - _ ) YOU - would be - 
just another - . ( NO body has - ) ever - challeged - the  
fact that - ) the whole challenge is - making more out of less - I can not make a living now ( UNLESS i sell this
as dead )  - Never will be able to again with out royalties and commissions paid ( if this is what i wish to do -  - ) Yet with innovation a big company picks them up makes millions - leaves mr out of my own - success ) THis would  after

30 times in a row make people turn into very cold heated - 
people - who really do not give a shit if you spend years of your life behind cold bars of a prison institution ( that basically will - teach you with cold hard time - Because you did not consider the other people in your crime ( the time is supposed to make you realize how valuable every body else is.   (ITS not always right ( to give false hope is to stick a knife in somebody's will ) IN the case where its clear they have no regard for human life or what happens to those peoples trust( which was apparently all in ,the whole time -in ( the -  perps - hands ) When you were lead to believe otherwise as was i - ( everybody was - ( IT is time for jail) - YOU can not allow - all those people down  to assume this is - ) what somebody who has enough money for all the fluff marketing the world could sell then served.- U   - loose your home lose your family 
loose your work - and loose your passion ( We are not going to care at all - . (
hen you come out ) according to - hype news -  YOU can be just likE THE wolf of wall street ( lycnthropy _ i TOLD YOU SO _ ) A LIE TO COVER UP A MUCH BIGGER LYE AND A -TRULY FALSE IMPRESSION OF WHO THAT REALLY IS ) 

and YOU COULD get 50 to 100 thousand just to speak of how - sick those people really are - As it is clear your are transformed - .)
Where is repent - NO where )  YOU have a story to tell
they want to hear it Z) ANd no matter what ,you still know
who to stay away from because its obvious - if your not paying attention they will kill YOU  with zeros  - ) .(That never changes _ ) ( i WILL - SWEAR TO  YOU  ON THe GOOD BOOK - THEY WILL NOT STOP AND SO WILL HE .  ( THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT ON WHY YOU SHOULD WANT TO BE THEIR -in the first place - YOU came so late - )  IT
makes you wonder why so many of those other people even 
came at all >??? ( NO  - we are not always starting over
that is a very bad breath - and a con . )

Secure Etrades and S
ecure Circuit technology is a conglomerate of
Micro and Macro enterprises
focusing on a results base of innovative genuineness.
A world famous market making manufacturing
data base thats takes full responsibility for its content ,
its product and its consumer connections .
Communication is a high priority of The
Secure Etrades platforms . Trade secrets & formulas
based on high performance output product assurance
are to important
for fully open public exposure
by speed-design. Availability of live service
personnel , insight verification modules with search to
discover optimization graphics are popular
elements of the secure circuit technology
.Secure Circuit services are assured by human reply
policies maintaining a value of integrity for service
and investments
hosted or referred from the data base.
. The value of clean technology combined with A
green energy pledge requires Confident Market
Brokers or Money Managements opportunists .
NOW asses risk situated offerings abroad
or at home with genuine (A-sighted) connections .
Websites - apps or ops are made with ANET SECURITY
rehabilitation prioritized through members of this network .
Consumer info ("THE VALUE TREND")is not sold
or bundled for third part usage as "BIG DATA" at a complete
loss to the consumer interests. Secure Etrades contracts
require real time commitments from both customer
the enterprise solutionists who are
" named as - the sellers & buyers of product (YOU and I) .
Orders include minimum quantity , time constrains and a risk
variable highlights - each will be listed at the commitments
section though out our secure - circuits listed as product id = x =

   THE VALUE OF A 4 & 4 ID system is - (Memory (O)
 - . ( YOU can use - syn=s = and create an encryption'
ONLY YOU KNOW - means - real - security (#1) THE
profile manager will see the syntactical (TM)verification
create (ID) 4&4 systems
note:)  - example - RTyt&3873 =4&4 systems
x: Day of Month
about Business
or a stock value
your invest
500 or less. 1500. 5500. 55k.
. 5mil. over 50 mil.over 100mil


Mail :


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secure-etrades-charting - Honest and in-depthsystemX - 3d and values regarding - new upgrades for your current browseran app that allows you to export goods all over the world - and stay currentTRUSTv - an app that deducts - the desered amount each month from your savings and converts to - bonds

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syntactical - an app for - the newest - relief in viral and - pc- organizational efforts  1  TRUSTv - an app that deducts - the desered amount each month from your savings and converts to - bonds 2  an app that allows you to export goods all over the world - and stay current 3  systemX - 3d and values regarding - new upgrades for your current browser4

secure-etrades-charting - Honest and in-depth 5  anetsecurity - an honer program at a cost of at least 200% less then the BBB   6 home-page-authority - seo - and publishing that saves valuable back pub/ info with out large costs 7  zapadex-a-z - A master-full - mobile - automatics - index

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